Director Al Profit

Director Al Profit

Filmmaker Al Profit examines society through the sharp lens of crime.

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Director Al Profit


  • American Dope: Acid Dreams

  • American Dope: White Powder, Black Power

  • The Frank Matthews Story

    Frank Matthews came to New York from the tobacco country of Durham, N.C. in the mid 60's. By 1970 he was the biggest black drug kingpin in the US.

  • T-Stuckey Story

    T. Stuckey's dream of building a Detroit record company with Eminem turned into the nightmare of prison. Tried for murder 3 separate times, he was convicted him of killing a former Detroit police officer and sent away for life.

  • Rollin: The Fall of the Auto Industry and the rise of the Drug Economy in Detroit

    Detroit was once the heart of the American Dream, but as this empire built on cars began to crumble it became the "Murder City", America's crime capital.

  • Motown Mafia

    From 1969 to 1975 Eddie Jackson and Courtney Brown
    ran one of the largest heroin rings in the United States. Grossing 10 million a month in today's dollars, the Eddie Jackson organization is likely the largest drug ring in Detroit's history.
    Motown Mafia is the story of 2 families and how they...